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Planning for and implementing a Federal information system is no small task, and unfortunately, compliance with specific Federal regulations and organizational policies is often judged by third-parties. Whether it be your organizations Inspector General (IG) office, or an independent assessor, it is always beneficial to obtain guidance from the perspective of the assessor. As such, we offer unique customized services that will allow your organization to effectively prepare for internal and external audits without the requirement for significant or long term contract terms. Using a service-based time and materials contract vehicle, you pay for only the services you require and only when you require them. Varied risk interpretations may result in "over protection" for information systems that do not require high levels of assurance for confidentiality, integrity, and availability, thereby costing your organization more than the requisite level of risk reduction.

What is more concerning, is that without effective prior-planning, organizations often spend more than is necessary and have additional risks identified that may not be appropriate or applicable to the information requiring protection. We like to think of this as a no-cost purchase. We strive to tailor your security program to your needs, thereby reducing added costs and at the same time preparing you for future audits and assessments.

NIST has developed an extensive array of resources for information security professionals and organizations; providing the foundation for information security requirements within the Federal Government. Thorough comprehension and application of this guidance; however, is not always clearly delineated from these resources alone. Thorough knowledge and understanding of regulatory and statutory requirements is a prerequisite for your personnel ranging from system administrators to Chief Information Security Officers (CISO). Using our comprehensive approach you can successfully integrate security planning throughout your system development lifecycle. Thereby ensuring a "defense-in-depth" approach is also taken in your training programs.